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Heart disease is becoming more common and awareness of cardiac disease has led to a reduction in the rate of heart attacks and strokes. Many people are unaware that they have underlying heart disease and therefore after the age of 40, it is worth having regular cardiac check-ups to assess the heart and monitor blood pressure and blood lipids. Regular monitoring ensures that any abnormalities are caught early and appropriate treatment is initiated at an early stage which in turn enables your doctor to minimize the damage associated with heart disease.

At the Specialist Medical Clinic, our cardiologist, Dr Bernd Reisbeck is able to fully assess the state of your heart and to monitor your blood pressure and heart electrical activity. You can also have an ECHO cardiogram which enables the cardiologist to assess the functioning of the heart valves and chambers. If these tests show that you have significant abnormalities, further tests (interventional cardiac angiography +/- intervention) will be organised for you. At the Specialist Medical Clinic we offer the following:

  • Cardiac disease risk assessment
  • Blood pressure control
  • ECG (resting and stress) interpretation
  • ECHO cardiography
  • Management of all cardiac conditions including post heart attack
  • Interventional (Diagnostic) Cardiology
  • Onward referral to specialists in Spain for therapeutic and if necessary surgical treatment