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Breast Disease & Cancer Screenings in Gibraltar

The majority of women who have a breast lump or breast pain do not have cancer. The breast is a dynamic gland which changes during the menstrual cycle. It is difficult for a patient to decide whether changes in the breast are normal or abnormal; it is therefore advisable for a woman to get any change in the breast checked by a suitably-experienced doctor. The majority of breast problems are associated with benign changes in the breast. The majority of women seen in a breast clinic have one of the following benign (non – cancerous) conditions:

  • infection and inflammation
  • congenital disorder
  • benign changes of the breast (cyclical nodularity, breast cysts, fibroadenomata - benign lumps, nipple discharge)
  • hormonal induced changes (fibrocystic disease)
  • pregnancy and post-pregnancy changes

Even though most breast problems arise from benign disease, women are acutely aware of the risk of breast cancer which is a concern. Breast cancer is the most common malignant disease amongst women. Therefore, to exclude this, any unexpected or abnormal change in the breast should be checked by an experienced breast clinician, and if necessary investigated in order to ensure that significant disease is not overlooked.