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Vaccinations & Travel Clinic

At the Specialist Medical Clinic our GPs are able provide general adult vaccinations.

As a general rule, childhood vaccinations are covered under the local health authority; however, if for any reason, parents are not eligible for this cover, then our paediatrician is able to provide the usual childhood immunisations.

For world travellers, our Travel Clinic, led by Dr Patrick Nerney, offers a travel advice service which is able to provide the majority of vaccinations for your destination. We offer the yellow fever vaccination, being an approved yellow fever vaccination centre. We will provide you with a vaccination record booklet, containing a record of the dates of immunisations and certification.

Travel Medication

Up-to-the-minute, bespoke 'health brief' for the entire journey, anti-malarial advice and tablets prescribed specifically to suit your destination.

If you require any routine vaccinations or are planning to travel abroad and are not sure which vaccines you may need please contact the clinic for advice.