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Health Care Assessments

The current economic uncertainty has seen a surprising increase in the number of medical consults, by both men and women, of all ages, who have noticed stress-related exacerbation of existing conditions such as asthma, migraine, diabetes, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, and heart disease. Whilst many symptoms may have simple explanations, self-diagnosis is not advisable, and serious problems may arise if individuals ignore any signs.

External appearance is no guarantee that all is well inside one’s body; the best way to gauge and understand inner health is a comprehensive health check, which should include the option (if indicated) of state-of-the-art imaging.

Recent figures from the UK and US indicate that increasing numbers of people are now volunteering for “Well Person” checks in order to ensure their fitness and wellbeing.

At SMC we offer packages from cardiac lifestyle to well man and well woman plus. We can offer the time, attention and expertise you need if you wish to take a proactive step and take charge of your own health care.

A range of well man and well woman checks are available from experienced GPs. You can choose whether to see a male or a female GP. All the checks offer more than ample time to speak to the GP and a very thorough, top to toe physical examination.

All include blood pressure readings and body mass index, ECG, cardiovascular risk assessment, cholesterol readings, a range of blood tests at the local laboratory, urine testing, and tests for bowel disease, such as, early tumours. The in-depth options include a more complex assessment of breathing capacity, thyroid function and a wider range of blood tests to check for problems such as liver disorders, for example.

Our examinations cover the health care needs of men and women of all ages. The woman’s check-up covers pelvic examination, cervical smear, breast examination and appropriate hormone checks. The man’s check-up includes advice on testicular self-examination and advice on prostate cancer detection.

We provide a detailed written report to each client with a complete record of lab test results, ECG, spirometry etc. The client will have the opportunity to discuss thoroughly any issues raised by the check-up and we are able to provide any follow-up required through our specialist colleagues in the clinic.