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Who's in the clinic next week

We look forward to welcoming you to Specialist Medical Clinic. Here is a complete list of the medical professionals available to see patients at the clinic from the 4th to 7th May.

Face to face consultations:

Mr David Deardon - General Surgeon

Dr Francisca Dominguez - Paediatrician

Dr Chris Rodriguez - Radiologist - Ultrasound Scanning - CT/MRI/X-ray reporting

Dr Keti Pachkoria - Ophthalmic Surgeon

Dr Waqar Haider - General Internal Physician

Dr Robin Reyes - ENT Surgeon

Mr James Allan – Urologist

Dr April Nilsen- Nunn - GP

Dr Monique Risso – GP

Dr George Simon – GP

Dr Thomas Boerger - Orthopaedic Surgeon (hip and knee)

Dr George Chami – Orthopaedic Surgeon (foot and ankle)

Dr Marius Negru (shoulder, arm, hand)

Dr Ramin Pakzad – Gynaecologist

Joyce Evans – Physiotherapist

Rebecca Ramirez – Physiotherapist

Chris Shaw – Physiotherapist

Kayron Pozo – Podiatrist

Dr Karen Surridge – Clinical Psychologist

Julie Parker – Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Laura Soiza – Nurse Nutritionist

Geraldine Canepa - Stress Counsellor

Priscilla Chellaram - Osteopath

Daya Dewfall - Massage Therapist

Alan Stone - Audiologist


Remote consultations (when appropriate):

All above GPs

Dr Waji Hassan - Rheumatologist

Dr Barry Monk -Dermatologist


To make an appointment please send us a message via the website, via Facebook, call +350 200 49999 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..